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Database: CBNB

CBNB (Chemical Business NewsBase) is a bibliographic database covering news on the chemical industry worldwide. CBNB gives current and thorough coverage of events, trends and legislation affecting the chemical industry and its end-use sectors, like paper, paint, plastics, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

Citations are in English and contain bibliographic information, controlled indexing for company and country names, chemical names and important concepts, CAS Registry Numbers (R), and an abstract.

File Data

Subject Coverage

News affecting the chemical industry including:


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Elsevier Engineering Information Inc.
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FIZ Karlsruhe
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Usage Terms

    The following database producer's special conditions for use of
    his database(s) apply to your use of the CBNB file on STN.

    I. General Part

    1. Scope

    Section 2 to 4 of these conditions apply to all databases
    offered via STN Karlsruhe as far as no differing regulations are
    specified under II. Special Part.

    2. Customers

    A customer is an individual or an institution (i.e. a legal body
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    3. Search Results

    All rights are reserved. Search results delivered online or
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    written permission of the database producer is required if
    search results delivered to the customer in computer-readable
    form are used only for internal purposes of the customer, i.e.
    printed, processed, modified, or linked with other data (e.g.
    for creating a database). The customer must observe the
    copyright of the database producer.

    Results from searches carried out by the customer on request, or
    on behalf of individuals or institutions (see under 2.) outside
    his own institution (third parties) may only be given to them
    for explicit internal use. The transmitted search results must
    include the database producer's copyright. For safety purposes,
    the customer may keep a copy of the results obtained from a
    search carried out for third parties.

    The customer must obtain database producer's specific written
    permission for any further uses of search results obtained for
    third parties, particularly for the transmission of search
    results in electronic form or their distribution in hardcopy,
    e.g. sale, loan, license, or free charge.

    The customer must do his/her best efforts in preventing a theft
    or inadvertent illicit dissemination of the records.

    4. Warranty and Liability

    The database producers shall use their best efforts to deliver
    correct information in their databases, however, they do not
    accept warrenty and liability for completeness, accuracy and
    timeliness unless set out differently in II. Special Part.

    II. Special Part

    The CBNB database is copyright of The Royal Society of
    Chemistry (RSC) and is subject to all applicable copyright,
    database protection, and other rights of the copyright owner and
    publisher. Copyright notices may not be removed, obscured, or
    modified in any way. Users must take all reasonable precautions
    to prevent theft or inadvertent illicit use of the intellectual
    property in CBNB. The relevant copyright notice must be
    displayed on all copies made from the database.

    In addition to the uses allowed by the online host, Users may:

    1. include items from CBNB in a presentation provided that the
       material carries the credit "Reproduced by permission of
       The Royal Society of Chemistry" in such a position and
       typeface as to be clearly visible to the audience;
    2. include items from CBNB in a published work provided
       permission has been sought and obtained from the RSC in
    3. make and provide one copy of items from CBNB to customers
       outside their organisation which have engaged them to conduct
       specific searches, provided that the appropriate copyright
       notice is placed on the material. A copy may be kept for
       backup purposes only. The backup copy may not be used to
       fulfil a similar search request from another company.
       Customers may subsequently use the material according to
       these Terms and Conditions.

    Users must obtain special permission from the RSC to make items
    from CBNB available to other users in any other way. This
    includes, for example:

    1. making available a database of items from CBNB;
    2. publishing a collection of items from CBNB.

    RSC shall use its best endeavours to ensure that the information
    contained CBNB is accurate and up-to-date, but RSC accepts no
    liability for omissions or errors therein or their consequences.
    RSC shall not be liable for any consequential direct or indirect
    loss or damage of any nature whatsoever alleged to be caused by
    errors or omissions in the information contained CBNB. If any
    bibliographic information contained in CBNB is not sufficiently
    accurate for the purpose of ordering a document, RSC shall
    makes its best endeavours to correct this infomation.
    No warranty beyond this will be given by RSC

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