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Database: WPIDS

Derwent World Patents Index® (DWPI subscriber file) provides information on patent publications from the most important patent issuing authorities of the world. Access to WPIDS is subject to a relevant subscription with Clarivate Analytics.

Each record in the database describes a patent family, starting with the new invention (Basic Patent) and adding information about the same invention issued in other countries (Equivalents). Two levels of data are available within the database for each record. The Invention Level comprises bibliographic data and Clarivate Analytics value-added titles, abstracts, general and where appropriate, in-depth chemical and electrical indexing. Clarivate Analytics applies various algorithms to collate and deduplicate the data from the individual member patents of the patent family when creating this 'Patent Family' (Invention Level) view. The Member Patent Level (or Publication Level) on the other hand allows users to search and display bibliographic data and general indexing information associated with individual documents that make up the patent family Invention Level. This can allow very specific searching of individual documents. Additional first level data elements such as original titles and abstracts, claims, address and agent information are also present at the Member Patent Level. The Invention and Member Patent Levels can be searched individually or in combination as required.

Electrical and engineering drawings may be present in records dating back to 1988, and chemical structure drawings may be present in records dating back to 1992. Beginning with Update 1999-08, two Clarivate Analytics value-added content fields, Novelty (NOV) and Technology Focus (TECH), were added. The Novelty field outlines the novelty of the invention. The Technology Focus provides further information to the Basic (Alert) Abstract (AB), describing the invention from different technological viewpoints, thus helping to present the practical scientific content of the patent in a more easily understood form.

The Chemistry Resource (DCR), available beginning with Update 1999-16, offers structure searching and various other substance identification and indexing fields. DCR search results are linked to bibliographic records.

File Data

Subject Coverage

All patent-relevant areas of science and technology. Start of coverage varies by subject matter and patent authority.


Patent documents are covered from various countries listed. Additional Sources are:

Additional first level data elements such as original titles and abstracts, claims, inventor, assignee and agent information and addresses may be present at the Member Patent Level as follows:

Comprehensive details of coverage within Derwent World Patents Index (R) can be found within Global Patent Sources which is available to download for free at:

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