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STN Easy provides easy Web access to many STN databases, covering most areas of science and technology. This page will direct you to instructions and examples to help you begin searching with STN Easy, along with tips on how to increase the effectiveness of your searches.

Are You New to STN Easy?

  • Learn about the features and functions of STN Easy: STN Overview

  • Set up a login-id and password to begin using STN Easy: Account Sign-up

  • Step-by-step illustrations on using STN Easy to find information: Quick Tips

Call or email the STN Help Desk to answer your questions about STN Easy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does it cost to use STN Easy?

A. Please refer to the Price list

Q. How can I begin using STN Easy?

A. If you do not have an STN login ID, click "Open New Account".

Q. What areas of science and technology can I search with STN Easy?

A. You can search key STN databases . The databases are organized by " Categories ," such as "Chemistry," "Patents," "Pharmaceuticals"....


STN Easy for Academic Organizations

Academic Accounts for use with STN Easy are available through Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) and FIZ-Karlsruhe.

To learn more about the discount associated with these accounts and the databases that are searchable, refer to the STN Easy Academic Program .

Additional Resources
For more information about STN Easy, contact Customer Service .

You may also send questions and comments to Feedback .


The following examples show how you can use STN Easy to find various kinds of SciTech information:




Food and Agriculture



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